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  • Marco De Padova

    guitar | vocals
  • Markus Witte Wittemann

  • Gunnar Lefter Wentrup

    drums | vocals
  • Thomas Tommy Waberseck

  • Peter Pete Zettl

    drums | percussion
  • Jens Steingässer

    percussion | backing vocals
  • Joe die Lippe Strumberger

  • Jonas Adamson




Concrete Jungle was born in 1991 out of a jam-session, at which the love for jamaican rhythms soon evoked the desire to play regularly as a band. From the beginning there was the ideal to develop an own approach. Thus was born Urban Roots Reggae: groovy, sensual and melodious music that maintains the connection to Rootmusic Roots Music of the seventies and eighties.

In 1995 the band recorded their debut-CD Born & Bred, and in 2000 their second CD Fresh Soul Food. After releasing further tracks on various Collections, Concrete Jungle celebrated the release of their third Album Roots United in December 2005.

Under the name of Jungle Phever the band has a Vinyl and Maxi-Single Release titled Soul Living, which was distributed by Groove Attack - this track is to be found on Riddim CD#08.


Today the band plays concerts all over Germany, from Schwimmbadclub in Heidelberg to Bongo Bongo Sunsplash Festival; Chiemsee-Reggae-Summer in Bavaria (alongside Burning Spear, Anthony B., Luciano, etc.) and also as supporting band to Israel Vibration, Michael Rose and Iqulah, to name but a few. Concrete Jungle also played in Italy (Brescia, Verolavecchia), at the Afryka Festival in Torun, Poland and even in Austria.

In the meanwhile the music is ever evolving, including various influences such as Modern Roots and Conscious Dancehall. Concrete Jungle remains an absolute LIVE-event: eight musicians give their heart and soul on every stage, and have never failed to create a special vibe with their music...


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Concrete Jungle
c/o Markus Wittemann
Karlstraße 1a
D - 64380 Roßdorf
Tel. +49 171 3724491

Concrete Jungle · Karlstraße 1a · D-64380 Roßdorf · Tel. +49 171 3724491 ·